Back in January I wrote an article for Link-Cable titled Is the Xbox One Irrelevant? and in that article I mused that Microsoft’s lack of support and communication had essentially painted them into a corner and allowed Sony and Nintendo to dominate the gaming conversation for the best part of a year. Well now that E3 2017 has come and gone I wanted to revisit this article and see if Microsot’s showing had essentially given them a second win to try to overthrow the PlayStation 4 as the market leader and blunt Nintendo’s Switch momentum. So does it? Is the Xbox One relevant again?

In the original piece, I mentioned how Microsoft had basically excused themselves from the mainstream gaming conversation and let Sony and Nintendo dominate the conversation. Sony had the most powerful system on the market with the PS4 Pro and Nintendo’s Switch provided a new way to play. The Xbox One? Same ol same ol. But now that we’ve seen what the future holds for the system and brand, namely in the uber-powerful Xbox One X they finally have a unique selling point to help market their system, and this marketing strategy was on full display at E3 2017 in Los Angeles.

Every single game that the company showed off during their E3 showcase had a mention as to how it would be better on Xbox One X. The power afforded by that system is truly impressive and it will definitely make games look better on the Xbox console rather than the PlayStation one. This is definitely a big selling point for many as the success of Sony’s own PlayStation 4 Pro has shown, what will be difficult though is getting gamers to switch over to the Xbox One X though the amount of third parties embracing the console early can definitely be seen as a good sign for Microsoft’s console going forward.

Of course, the one thing that can make the Xbox One relevant again are the games coming to the platform over the next few months and years and Microsoft mostly did… ok in this regard… I guess. Forza Motorsport 7 and Crackdown 3 are both coming this year while Sea of Thieves is coming in early 2018. This is a pretty solid lineup for the system but when compared to the PlayStation 4’s lineup it does look like Sony has the advantage. That being said, the X is more powerful than the Pro and with support from companies like EA who are showcasing their biggest games on the Xbox One X will only keep driving home the point that, that console has advantages that are Microsoft’s own.

So is the Xbox One relevant again? Well they definitely created a buzz at E3 showcasing the world’s most powerful gaming console alongside games with graphics you have to see to believe. But that alone doesn’t mean they are out of the woods yet. Microsoft still has to do a lot of PR, communication and hype building to start to dig into Sony’s lead (which stands at around 30 million units) but E3 2017 was definitely a good start in getting them into the conversation again.