Dear readers, I know you’re probably not used to see Link-Cable post new content on the weekend but this is a very important topic that I believe deserves the utmost attention and didn’t want to wait till April 2nd to share with you. Essentially, I was to discuss the biggest problem currently plaguing Nintendo and dragging down their console business, and that’s the lack of support they are giving their only true, pure home console – the Wii U. So while many video game websites out there are spending today making jokes and fake announcements, we’re delivering the truth – and that’s the fact that Nintendo should give the Wii U a second chance.

But wait, wasn’t the Wii U a spectacular failure that almost made Nintendo irrelevant as a home console manufacture? Well that’s why pencils have erasers and the Nintendo’s mid-gen reboot with the Switch has turned the company’s fortunes around, so what better time to bring back the Wii U and give yourself a strong 1-2 punch for at home entertainment? If the Switch has one fatal flaw is its serious lack of streaming services, of which the Wii U has five! Seriously, that’s more than enough content to keep you locked in your house for months and with a refreshed and relaunched Nintendo TVii service to back it up the Wii U could be the system that finally makes us throw out every single streaming device we own – including our televisions (who needs ’em when you can watch YouTube videos on the Wii U GamePad)?

With the Switch, Nintendo has set a new precedent of porting older Wii U titles to their new console, a strategy that has been met with massive success. So why not turn the tables and start porting Switch games over to the Wii U? In fact since so many Switch games were at one point Wii U titles you already know that fans will be happy to buy them again since they know the games will be good. I personally would love to fire up Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokkén Tournament DX, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, Bayonetta 1+2, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze up again on the Wii U, as long as they come up with more content that make them worth picking up for a third (or fourth time).

And that’s not even to mention the biggest game that is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Yes I am referring to the juggernaut that is Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch, a game that I’m sure will be OK on the Switch but could be a smash (hey?) hit on the Wii U. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch for Wii U would ideally include all the modes and options from the 3DS, Wii U original and Switch titles as well including even more Wii U specific features like Miiverse integration, tournament streaming over Nintendo TVii and more DLC Mii costumes than we could ever want. Of course, the real reason people excited for new Smash Bros. games isn’t the sublime controls or fun multiplayer but for new character announcements and I think the best way to help promote Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch for Wii U would be to include a lineup of characters that made their name on the Wii U like Monita from NintendoLand, Grippy Toad from Star Fox: Guard and of course the entire cast of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE to represent the always ignored Fire Emblem franchise.

But the biggest ace in the hole that the Wii U has are all those games that were promised to come to the system that have yet to be released. I personally think that the very mysterious Project Giant Robot could be a smash hit that could rival other console’s big games, namely God of War (2018) and Crackdown 3 if only for the obvious reason that robots are cooler than vikings and cyber-police COMBINED. And then there’s all those rumored games that never hit the system like Pikmin 4, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and the totally real and not just a fan-dream Pokémon MMO that could single-handedly make the Wii U the first console to pass the 200 million sold mark.

Nintendo stands at the precipice to a glorious opportunity, to have not one but two consoles on the market that are thriving. And when you consider that they are currently planning on supporting the 3DS till the end of time immortal with Mario & Luigi & Yo-Kai Watch games then it’s not hard to imagine them keeping the Wii U alive for years to come. So if you are still holding onto your Wii U then congratulations, you are already in possession of the console that will lead Nintendo into the 2020’s and beyond and are in for some of the best moments of your gaming life, so remember this date, April 1st 2018, because it’s the day where you realized that the Wii U is the future of gaming.