As the year draws to a close and we start to turn our attention towards 2018, its time to reflect on the best and worst parts of the last 365 days. And in the gaming industry we are almost never spared the roller-coaster ride, with constant ups and downs that keep us almost as entertained as the games we get to play. So to close out the year, we here at Link-Cable have decided to grade the ‘big three’s’ performances in 2017 and assign them a grade based on how the year went, what they did well and what could have been improved upon.

Overall 2017 was an incredibly solid year for Sony and the PlayStation 4. Plenty of great games were released for the system both from third parties and from Sony’s own studios. Horizon: Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Nioh and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy are just a few of the stellar games that graced the PS4 this year and gave us some the most important gaming moments of the year. Really the only area we could find fault with Sony this year is that they were pretty quiet near the end of the year and many of their biggest games seem to have been pushed to 2018.

Overall Grade: A-

Microsoft… did not have a great 2017. The Xbox One suffered from a serious lack of exclusive, must have games and overall releases throughout the year. Add to that an almost steady stream of bad news where major games were cancelled, anticipated rumors turned out false and a general lack of excitement towards the Xbox brand in general and it was no surprise that the Xbox One was overshadowed by the offerings on PS4 and Switch. That being said, things began to turn our around in the fall with the release of landmark games like Forza Motorsport 7 and Cuphead as well as the early success of the Xbox One X which sets Microsoft up to be once again a competitor in 2018.

Overall Grade: D+

Did Nintendo do anything wrong in 2017? The 3DS continued to truck along, mobile was a strong new addition to their arsenal and the Switch was a worldwide success that completely turned around the company’s fortunes. This return to form was bolstered by a steady stream of game releases with a major Nintendo titled releasing practically every 30 days to keep us entertained and involved in Nintendo’s hardware. But beyond that we also got to see the return of major third party games to the Nintendo family with companies like Capcom, Bethesda, Rockstar, Bandai Namco, Sega, Ubisoft, Square Enix, NIS America and many others jumping in to support Nintendo’s newest console.

Overall Grade: A+

How would you rate the big three’s 2017 offerings? Let us know in the comment section below!