The three major console manufactures all had an amazing 2017 in one way or another. From the release of the Nintendo Switch which has been a huge success thus far, to Microsoft’s newest iteration of the Xbox One and how it is the most powerful gaming system on the current market, as well as Sony keeping pace with its sheer dominance over the year, are some of the many highlights from this current year. Even after these great achievements, each company should be adding to their wish list and to ask for something a little extra over the Holidays for an even greater 2018.

Microsoft – First Party Titles

Microsoft boasts the most powerful console and the Xbox One X has shown how much of a visual superiority it has over the other two main competitors. While it is nice to say such an accolade, it does lack where it matters most as it doesn’t have any true first party system sellers to show off what the Xbox One X is truly made of. Sure, you have an extensive library of already great games and third-party titles will surely get the visual upgrade treatment, but Microsoft will have to look in-house to create those unique experiences to really push the most powerful console ever.

Nintendo – Third Party Support

This year has been a renaissance year to say the least. From the Wii U’s failure to the resurgence of the brand with the Nintendo Switch and with titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. It’s great to see a Nintendo that is on top of their game and the fact that they were able to get some third party support in the early going shows that the Switch is a console worth having. Now, we all know how the third party goes for Nintendo console as it usually sticks around for awhile and then it eventually dries up, but the Switch could change all of that if it keeps the momentum going. Sure, we will most likely not see the same support that would be featured on both Xbox One and PS4, but having some big names will make quite a difference in the long run for Nintendo.

Sony – Just to Keep it Going

Not much can be offered to Sony as they most likely have it already. The PS4 has been on a tear ever since its release and the momentum will continue in 2018 as some of the consoles heaviest hitters are all set to be released in the new year. It’s after these releases that it becomes rather vague, but just like every other year, Sony will most likely have major announcements in 2018 and onward. So for Sony and the PS4, we can only hope to see a steady announcement of games to go with this generation’s most successful console and given their track record from the last few years, it most likely will.

With the Holidays wrapping, many of us will be looking to pick up the next big title and the big three should be doing the same. We’ve had so many great games for the year of 2017 and it will be exciting to see what ends up coming out in the new year. All three major platforms will have their chance to shine in 2018 and we hope to see many new releases and that this wishlist helps bring each and every company good luck for what looks to be another exciting year for gaming.