Announced a few days ago during the PlayStation Meeting, the new, slimmer PlayStation 4 is also releasing very shortly on September 15th… oh wow that’s tomorrow! This short turnaround has forced us to quickly analyse the PS4 Slim (as I like to call it) and try to see it’s strengths and weaknesses to let you know if this slime down is worthy of your hard earned dollars.  So let’s take a look at whether this newer, smaller PS4 might be right for you or very very wrong.

Get it because…it’s a good deal.

A PlayStation 4 for $299.99 is a helluva good deal. Not only do you get the most powerful console available (well for the next 2 months) but you also get access to Sony’s library for exclusives with games like Bloodborne and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End not to mention upcoming games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War. The system also comes with the ability to enjoy your content in HDR (High Dynamic Range) which helps it hold it’s ground against the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro in some regards as well.

Don’t get it if…you already have a PS4.

Apart from ergonomics the PlayStation 4 slim doesn’t offer any new benefits over the original model. You’ll get the exact same experience whether you play on a launch model or the Slim, so on the 15th when the Slim comes , just stay home and keep enjoying your games, you wouldn’t be missing anything.

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Get it because…it will save you money.

The PlayStation 4 Slim does have one benefit over the original model that may not be very apparent at first but will add up over time. In terms of power consumption the system will reportedly consume between 34% and 28% less electricity than the original PS4 SKU’s. This will, of course lead to reduced energy bills and more money to spend on things like food, cloths and you know… more video games.

Don’t get it because…it’s pretty ugly.

I am a huge fan of the original PS4 design. With it’s hard lines, sharp color scheme and modern appearance it was head and shoulders above the Xbox One in terms of design. Well now the tables have turned as the Xbox One S has taken the crown as my personal ‘most beautiful console of the generation’ and the PS4 Slim? Well let’s just say that true beauty is on the inside.


Get it because…Sony will support it for years.

While this can technically be said about any PS4 model if you’re new to the PlayStation family then the Slim is a great deal because you know that Sony supports it’s consoles for years. We’ve already heard rumors of some pretty major 2018 titles (cough, The Last of Us 2, cough) and that’s not the mention the legendary amount of third party content Sony’s systems get (didn’t the last PlayStation 2 game just come out?).

Don’t get it because…PlayStation 4 Pro is coming.

I do not like the PlayStation 4 Pro. I think I made that very clear in this article but that being said it does have a market – gamers who want to take advantage of 4K displays. And like I said in that other piece if you are the type of gamer that wants the best possible visual experience then you’ll want to get a PS4 Pro. So don’t even bother looking at the Slim.

But what say you? Are you picking up a PS4 Slim tomorrow or down the road? And if so did you already have a PS4 or are you a first time buyer? Let us know in the comments below!