We’ve recently looked at both indie and AAA titles that should continue on and end up having sequels. What most of those titles had in common was the success that carried over from their releases, which made them great choices to get a follow title, but what about those that didn’t do all too well on the smaller screen? Those who, while being fan favorites, never had the commercial success that other titles garnered.

Jacob S. – The Order: 1886

The potential behind this Victorian style vampire shooter had many people anticipating a major blockbuster hit, but what was delivered was a short campaign with no real heart of the concept it tried to convey. Sure, it looked fantastic, but The Order 1886 failed to deliver where it mattered most, and that is with an enticing story-driven gameplay. If Sony is to ever go back and venture through this avenue once more, a sequel to The Order 1886 may well be a worthwhile adventure, all while looking as fantastic as ever.

Alex S. – The Wonderful 101

One of the best Wii U games is also one that sadly very (very) few people got to play. The Wonderful 101 is made up of all the things that make Platinum Games such a unique developer, its fast paced, frenetic, brutally difficult and immensely rewarding with just enough weirdness to keep you pushing to see what will come next. While Kamiya and team are hard at work on Bayonetta 3 I desperately hope we get to revisit this wonderful world one day.

Jacob S.- Okami

One of the best games to never sell, Okami was a whimsical masterpiece. From its eye-catching art style to its terrific action sequences makes it even the all more surprising that the series has never seen another release besides a Nintendo DS entry and most recently with an HD remake of the original title. There no point in arguing the fact that Okami was one of the greatest experiences of the last 10 years and having a follow-up title to go to would be simply fantastic.

Alex S. – Brutal Legend

Nearly everybody who has picked up this game loves it but sadly that number is a fairly small one in the grand scheme of things and pretty much guaranteed we would never get a sequel to this wonderful romp through the world of heavy metal. But if any game IP deserves to make a comeback I would strongly vote for this bad boy to get us all headbanging again.

While these games may not have been system sellers, we hope to see them continue on and become household names with future entries. Which commercial flop do you wish to see making a return soon? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and stay tuned for more things gaming right here at Link-Cable.