It’s Valentine’s Day, and that means a lot of chocolate, roses and tender moments with those we love the most. And while love might be one of the most powerful emotions of all it’s not exclusive to the realm of us ‘living’ beings as video game characters have proven time and time again that love transcends all dimensions, even virtual ones. So for this very romantic edition of Knights of the Round Cable we are taking a look at our favorite video game couples, the ones that reminds us that love exists in all forms, whether it be pixels or polygons.

Alex S. – Shulk & Fiora

Can you dedication? Shulk and Fiora’s story in Xenoblade Chronicles is one that on the surface may seem like a tragic one at first but it’s also one of burning passion as Shulk’s desire for revenge is what’s pushing him forward for a good part of the story. But as the story moves forward we find out it’s not just negative emotions fueling Shulk but love, regret and longing for his friend that are at the heart of the game’s story. Its only once the two are reunited that Shulk and Fiora’s feelings come to the surface and we can see that their love is a two-way street and that both of them would do anything for the other.

Jacob S. – Sarah Kerrigan and Jim Raynor

While I wouldn’t define what Sarah and Jim have as a healthy relationship, but both do care deeply for one another and their love for each other passes is somewhat inspiring. It all started with smears and personal jabs against one another, but this quickly blossomed into a deep admiration on both sides, that is until the Swarm captured Sarah and turned her into the Queen of Blades and have her trying to purge the entire cosmos. Even through all the atrocities committed and hardship lost, their love echos through the stars and on every computer screen across the globe.  

What are you favorite gaming couples? Let us know in the comment section below.