Indie games have made great strides in the gaming industry in recent years. From small studio projects to actual realities, these games do not go for the same conventions as your typical AAA titles with their large development teams and bloated development budgets. We have had some of the best titles in recent years come out from an independent developer and we hope to see more great games like such, but today, we are here to celebrate those who have made an impact in our gaming lives and wish to see return in the form of a sequel.

Jacob S. – Guacamelee!

DrinkBox Studios’ have made a name for themselves with the artistic and graceful platformer in Guacamelee!. It’s art style and influence are visually stunning and it’s tight combat makes for one fantastic game. A sequel to Guacamelee! could follow a new luchador and offer a new fascinating story, but it would have to offer the same gameplay and visuals as the first one to truly be considered a follow up to its great predecessor.

Alex S. – Axiom Verge

Even though we are getting a Metroid resurgence thanks to Samus Returns and Prime 4 I still want to eventually revisit the world of Axiom Verge one day. The solid gameplay, imaginative weapons and of course mysterious story all kept me hooked for hours as I unraveled the secrets of the game and I honestly mean it when I say that this game is one of the best games of the current generation.

You’ve seen what we want, now we want to hear from you. Which Indie games would you like to see get a sequel in the future? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check us out for when these Indie sequels are finally announced and stay tune here at Link-Cable for more news on many more Indie titles.