Back in July, we took a look at some of the indie titles that should get a sequel and while we stand by our choices, there are too many great games from independent developers to just only pick a few. This topic has always been a constant discussion here at Link-Cable so we decided to revisit this idea and think of which other indie games are deserving of getting a sequel in the near future.

Jacob S. – Jotun

Thunder Lotus Games have created two visually stunning games with Jotun and the more recently released title in Sundered. Both games are great in their own right and will catch the attention of anybody who comes across them. While Sundered could also be a candidate to get a sequel, Jotun does have more potential in terms of having a second entry to the franchise. Based on the Norse Gods, a Jotun sequel would have many ways it could expand on this concept or go in a completely different route by following other deities and mythos such as Greek or Aztek, either way, the next entry by Thunder Lotus Games will surely be another visual masterpiece.

Alex S. – BIT.TRIP Games That Aren’t ‘Runner’

Don’t get me wrong, I love the BIT.TRIP Runner games and have already pre-ordered a physical copy of Runner3 but it would be nice for the other five BIT.TRIP games to get some love too. BIT.TRIP: Beat is a particular favorite of mine and though but Core, Void, Fate and Flux are deserving of love too. So while Commander Video is still getting new adventures I would LOVE a sequel to any of the ‘other’ BIT.TRIP games.

You’ve seen what we want for the second time now, but we want to hear from you as to which indie game you want to see get a sequel. Let us know what you think in the comments below and stay tuned to Link-Cable for more news on all things indie.