Today is a very special day on the calendar as we celebrate International Women’s Day. From the strong women who fought injusticea, those who have helped shaped the world as it is today, to the ones who have loved and nurtured us and helped us grow to who we are today, we say thank you for all that you’ve done. On this special day, we want to take a few moments to celebrate our mother, who has loved and supported us in all our ambitions and only asked that we strive to only do our best, even when it came to playing video games. And so, we take a moment to give thanks to our “cool” mom who helped us become the gamers that we are.

Our mom (LC is just a couple of bros) has always been supportive of our taste in video games and has been part of many of our adventures growing up. From watching us play Super Mario Bros. on the NES, making up stories for sequels (which were actually good mind you) to help us solving the harder stages when we were frustrated. While our father would be very good at playing video games, he was more like us “in his childlike nature” and play games for himself, while mom would spend the time to look up and be more helpful in our playthroughs rather than our dad saying “patience and perseverance” – ugh.

It goes far beyond Super Mario Bros. and the days of us playing on our NES as our mother spent a ridiculous amount of money and countless hours with playing on every other system. My brother and I both had a Game Boy, always had the newest Nintendo devices and computers to boot for all the games we wished to play. This is on top of playing sports, activities and everything else kids want to do, our mother was always graciously there to support us through all of it.

Many families, ours included, have gone through the trials of separation which is never fun anybody, but again, our parents showered us with love and taught us that even through those difficult times that we are still a family, and we were able to have many special moments and fond memories over the years, in which many of them were through video games. It’s funny to see our mothers’ reaction when we show some of the newer games coming out and to see the glimmer of excitement and confusion come across their faces with the almost comical “OH WOW” attached behind it. 

All of our adventures, time playing games, this site even, is all thanks to you mom. Without your constant love, support and dedication, we would not be the gamers that the people that we are. Your three boys love you very much and know that it is because of you that we are the geeks that we are today.

Love you Mom,

From Alex, Jacob, and William