We take a break from our WoW focused week by the warmth of the Hearth and playing some Hearthstone, specifically with the games chilly new expansion – Knights of the Frozen Throne. Now, I have done reviews for Hearthstone expansions in the past but chose to not do them anymore since the game changes and evolves so much between that time and with some being free while others paid, it becomes difficult to gauge the value between them, but Knights of the Frozen Throne does deserve much recognition as it sets the example for each future iteration of Hearthstone moving forward.

Like stated above, each expansion brings its own changes to the game and the Knights of the Frozen Throne is no exception. With 135 new cards, abilities such as Lifesteal and most importantly; new legendary heroes, new strategies, and combos are forged with what seems like an infinite number of choices. Many new cards have great synergy with the older ones as well as helping to balance many of the overpowered ones with new countermeasures to prevent quick and easy wins.

The game also introduces Arthas as the first ever Hearthstone raid boss which is a terrific idea to get players working together and take on the Lich King. His health and cards are ridiculous and overpowered, but the goal isn’t to take him down in one sitting as everybody will need to work together to take down the powerful Death Knight. Gamescom 2017 proved that he is no slouch either as he has many great cards and even better tricks up his cold gauntlets so be prepared to take him on over and over again until his health reaches zero.

The Knights of the Frozen Throne also has a full feature single player campaign that has you climbing the halls of Icecrown Citadel and take the fight against the Lich King himself. Like previous adventures, the bosses featured will need you to retool your deck as they have the means to exploit well-structured ones with their overbearing mechanics. By no means are they un-killable with a regular deck, but you will have a real uphill challenge if you do if you wish to stay with your regular deck of cards.

While past expansions went for roughly $24.99 a piece, Knights of the Frozen Throne doesn’t cost a dime and the adventure can be enjoyed by any player, whether it be your first playing or one of the best around the globe. Blizzard could have easily charged with the same previous format but gave gamers a great experience for free. It will be surprising if this will be the standard moving forward, but getting a full expansion that is as deep and robust as Knights of the Frozen Throne is a real threat.

Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne offers a full feature adventure at no cost and gives any player a chance to experience the game in its entirety. With so many new cards, heroes and combos, it’s easy to get back to the Hearth for a few extra rounds. With Hearthstone at its peak, it’s great to see that Blizzard is able to reward their fans, new and old with a fantastic new adventure for everybody to enjoy. Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne is a perfect example of an expansion done right.