Nothing gets gamers talking quite like a remake of a beloved game. On one hand whenever a new remake is announced there’s a lot of excitement and buzz because we tend to have fond memories of the original game but then there’s also some feelings of trepidation – I mean what if they mess up one of your favorite games and what if they can’t top the original? Its a question I know we’ve all asked ourselves over and over again and the topic of our next series of LC Loves articles – which was better, the original or the remake? So over the next several weeks we’re going to examine one game and its remake and try to determine which was better. The original? Or the remake?

Oh and just so we’re clear – we’re only looking at REMAKES here – remasters and enhanced ports don’t count.

  • March 12th – Super Mario 64 VS. Super Mario 64 DS
  • March 19th – Mega Man
  • March 26th – Conker’s Bad Fur Day
  • April 2nd – Final Fantasy IV
  • April 9th – Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
  • April 16th – Tecmo Bowl
  • April 23rd – Metal Gear Solid
  • April 30th – Star Fox 64

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