At their recent investor’s briefing, Nintendo made it clear that, despite the system entering its 7th year on the market that the Nintendo 3DS would still be a part of their strategy going forward and so far 2018 isn’t looking too bad for a system that is a bit long in the tooth. Already we have gotten a new Kirby game from Nintendo and Detective Pikachu seems to be getting the major release treatment complete with an accompanying amiibo, and that’s not to mention a sold third-party lineup that includes games like Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology and The Alliance Alive there’s enough still coming to the system to keep 3DS owners happy in 2018. But while those games are looking great, we have a few ideas of what Nintendo could do to make the 3DS’s 2018 truly special.

Super Mario Odyssey has been burning up the charts over on the Switch since its release this past October and Nintendo has gone to great lengths to show everyone why Mario is their #1 mascot. That being said, the 3DS hasn’t gotten its own Mario platformer since New Super Mario Bros. 2 released on the system WAY back in 2012. A brand new, mainline Mario game could not only help make sure that Nintendo keeps the 3DS flying off store shelves but could also serve as a promotional tie-in for the upcoming Super Mario movie currently in production and ensure that across all of their platforms (Switch, Mobile and 3DS) that there’s a current, active and topical Mario game to play. Plus maybe we’re just itching for a proper 2D Mario game.

Intelligent System is one of Nintendo’s best development partners and their work on the 3DS proves it, especially when it comes to the fantastic trio of Fire Emblem games to be released for the handheld. But that series is not their only tactically inclined franchise that would be a hit on the dual-screens of the 3DS. The Advance Wars series differentiates itself from Fire Emblem in that it does away with a lot of the characterization and RPG elements and instead focused more on pure strategy and tactics that involve unite management and construction. Its been far too long since the series has made an appearance and this, the 3DS’ twilight years would be a great time to revisit the battlefield.

If 2017 can be characterized by any one trend it would be stellar remakes of ‘second’ games in some of Nintendo’s biggest franchises. Earlier in the year we got the fantastic Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia which was followed in the fall by the sublime Metroid: Samus Returns. Both these games breathed new life into a couple of classics that had become sorely outdated, so what about the dark horse of the Zelda series? Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was always a bit of a slog to play through, so updating the controls, graphics and of course difficulty would be a must but if Nintendo really wants the 3DS to go out with a bang, this could be a great way to do it.

The Nintendo 3DS has had a fantastic life and if Nintendo decided to pull the plug today there would be almost nothing fans could say was missing. But since the plan is to keep the little handheld that could, why not give it some stellar games to go along with it? These three games would of course be a dream come true for many players and I really hope (despite the odds) we do get to see at least one of these games. What games would you like to see come to the Nintendo 3DS in 2018? Let us know in the comment section below.