I never though that I would find inspiration for an article for Link-Cable thanks to a cereal box, but here we are. Nintendo and Kellogg’s have announced Super Mario Cereal, a new breakfast treat that, also doubles as a fully functional amiibo and will be supported by Super Mario Odyssey and (theoretically) any other game that uses amiibo generically like Hyrule Warriors and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The announcement makes a lot of sense and perfectly lines up with Nintendo’s new philosophy of having their IP’s appear in as many places as possible and would surely make a lot of Nintendo fans very happy. But why stop there? Let’s make everything (or at least the following three things) into amiibo!

Clothes and apparel

Video game apparel and clothing are big business. I myself am usually wearing something video game related (though what exactly is none of your business) turn your favorite t-shirt, hat or sweater into a an amiibo too?! It would make it super easy to bring your favorite character over to a friend’s house since the only requirement would be that you wear a shirt (which is common courtesy) and you be able to access your amiibo by simply touching the NFC touchpoint to a marked spot on your clothes. And plus, how meta would it be that if to unlock a special outfit in a game you had to actually wear that special outfit? Mind blown.

Toys and collectibles

Have you stepped into an EB Games or Gamestop lately? Have you noticed a conspicuous lack of well… games? These days the stores are usually filled with shelf after shelf of toys, collectibles, apparel, doodads, board games and even furniture that doesn’t serve any functional purpose (I guess outside of its functional purpose…). But these are video game stores, so everything should be video game related! So let’s make all that junk that I’m pretty sure no one buys into functional amiibo figures! Legend of Zelda wallet? Amiibo! Sonic keychain? Amiibo! Funko Pop figures? …Let’s leave those alone.

The freaking game box

Everyday it seems like digital downloads are gaining ground on physical media for video games, which while definitely convenient, its understandable that some gamers don’t want to get rid of their game boxes yet (I mean, look at the cool art!). So let’s make physical media relevant again by making each game box an amiibo! Get a new game? That’s cool, did you scan the box? WHAT? Suddenly everyone who buys a game in store has an amiibo at their disposal, which, as someone who collected each and every single amiibo knows is a slippery slope and one that Nintendo’s money-making machine would be very happy to nudge you down.

When it comes to turning everyday objects into amiibo, you just know that a cereal box is only the beginning. Soon things like clothes, toys and … other boxes might be able to give you a little extra boost in your favorite games. And who knows what the future holds? What crazy thing do you think Nintendo will jam an NFC chip into next? Let us know in the comment section below!