During their recent financial briefings, Nintendo surprised everyone by announcing a brand new entry in the Mario Kart franchise would be coming to mobile devices before the end of fiscal 2018 (March 2019). This and the game’s title, Mario Kart Tour were the only details we got, leaving nearly every corner of the internet rampant with speculation (as is often the case with Nintendo’s future plans). So we’ve decided to let our imaginations run wild and come up with three ways Nintendo could make a mobile Mario Kart game amazing, assuming its not a traditional Mario Kart game.

The first idea that came into my mind was if you didn’t actually race in Mario Kart Tour? I know, it sounds like blasphemy but hear me out, what if, in this game you’re actually a racing manager and are supporting your racer’s season? You would in charge of everything from modifying their karts, booking their races (against other players) and using their winnings to improve their standing in the go-karting world. Sega already has a pretty solid hold on the motorsport managing genre on PC but its a pretty technical and nice effort there and if any franchise can get people interested in what goes on behind the scenes on race day it would be Mario Kart.

Now admittedly, not actually racing in a Mario Kart game does seem pretty wrong. So for my second idea, how about a smaller, more compact version of Mario Kart that uses a top-down perspective. You could still keep the managing aspects too but now you would be responsible for actually going there and winning the big race. And if this seems like an odd idea, remember that Nintendo has already released essentially this exact game via the Mii Plaza on the Nintendo 3DS. In Slot Car Rivals, a game where you race from a top down perspective and use your winnings to upgrade and mange you car. And to top it off, that game really only uses one button, which is exactly how Nintendo approaches their mobile efforts, with games that can be played one handed.

Ok, one last idea and this one’s pretty out of left field. What if Mario Kart Tour is essentially Pokémon Go? Though instead of walking around to find new Pocket Monsters each step counts as fuel for you kart, and once you’ve gotten enough fuel you can go to a racetrack (gym) and challenge the course. There could be pit stops (Pokéstops) scattered around that give you items like shells, bananas and mushrooms that help you in your race as well as global events where a large group of racers compete for the grand prize.

Will any of these ideas come true? Probably not, but with so little to go off of for Mario Kart Tour its fun to speculate and honestly, the odds of it being a traditional Mario Kart game like the one’s we’ve gotten lately are pretty slim. So what do you think the game will be like? Will it just be another Mario Kart except playable on your phone or will we be getting something totally unexpected? Make sure to sound off in the comment section below!