I’ve been writing quite a few of these “We Need More of” over the last year or so, but there isn’t a series that I feel that is as strongly deserving than any other so far than the Deus Ex franchise. It’s a franchise that I grew up with and see it change quite a few times over that span, but every playthrough through each title has been a special experience in their own right. From its first installment to the more modern day releases, Deus Ex is a franchise that should be celebrated and recognized throughout the industry and is one series that we truly need more of.

The Deus Ex series all started in 2000 with the first title of the same name. A sci-fi epic that utilized the then powerful Unreal Engine to create a realistic stealth shooter that didn’t just offer a terrific first-person shooter experience, but also offered much in terms of allowing the player the freedom and the choice to decide the outcome of each interaction. Having such control over the environment and of the story was mostly a new concept at the time, but it has carried over to other sci-fi epics as well as being an integral part of the Deus Ex franchise to this day.

This alone has been the main appeal of the entire Deus Ex franchise as it brings helps branch its complex narrative and break it down for the player in any way they choose. From conversations with NPCs that can change the course of the entire outcome of your objective, to simply choosing to either sneak up on a foe or go guns blazing allows you to have so much control throughout the entire experience in many different ways.

While the series has never perpetrated as much commercial success as other titles, it still manages to have four fantastic console experiences and two mobile titles (with one of them being horrendous) to its name. Its a series that may have difficulty finding a foothold on the market with its odd cyberpunk theme and compared to Square Enix’s other, more revered and profitable franchises such as the resurgence of Tomb Raider and of the Hitman games respectively, does put Deus Ex in an odd place, to say the least.

It isn’t to say that Deus Ex is deserving of being placed as a second fiddle to these more, profitable franchises and with so many different avenues that Eidos can take their cyberpunk epic can offer up so many new experiences for players. Having a follow-up to our game of the year with Mankind Divided would be the safest way to go for the franchise, but there are certainly other options that the series can grow and become a staple for both its publisher in Square Enix and with players.

For starters, having remakes of the games that started this grand sci-fi tale with both Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War could bring back some interest to the franchise and also set up potential new entries in the future universe of the series. While both the Human Revolution and Mankind Divided saga still needs a proper conclusion with its own title, the black and gold theme is starting to be a bit tiresome and having the chance to revisit the first titles in the series and offer a new story to what is placed in the future of the Deus Ex timeline would be a very neat concept to explore.

Another and a final example could be to create a new story of its own to add to the Deus Ex timeline. From it being a prequel to the Adam Jensen saga, of the first titles, or even beyond what has been explored through the Deus Ex franchise, having something entirely new may bring a refreshing and engaging experience to what has been a series lacking in entries. This would obviously be the most ambitious and costly avenue to take, but one that would bring something new to what has been offered thus far with the Deus Ex franchise.

All of this to say that, we simply need much more Deus Ex in our lives, at least I truly think so. The series has offered some of the most interesting stories and concepts offered in gaming and it’s a shame that the series hasn’t received the recognition that it deserves. I’m sure all Deus Ex fans will agree with me when I say that it is time that we get a new cyberpunk title soon, whether it be with a new installment or simply a remake, we simply need more Deux Ex.