The year known as 2017 was an excellent year for gamers everywhere. We received some of this current generation’s greatest works and some might even go down as some of the best of all time. Although the titles who’ve earned these many accolades were some of my personal favorite titles, the game that I have to pick isn’t one that comes to mind when you say “game of the year”, but certainly was certainly terrific in its own rights. My game of the year is none other than Injustice 2 and how it helped me discover a genre of game that I wouldn’t even consider playing before I played the DC fighter.

In all honesty, fighting games have never interested me in the slightest and I only viewed them to be part of a niche market for a devoted fan base, and while that does still hold true in some regards, Injustice 2 felt far more accessible than its intimidating counterparts. While I previously dabbled in some other fighting games before it, never I have invested as much time in any other game on my PS4 than Injustice 2. Fun fact, it is the only game, other than Super Smash Bros. for Wii U that I have ever gotten paid DLC for (even counting story DLC) and with its large cast of heroes growing almost every day, I will most likely purchase more.

While by no means am I all that talented at the game, in fact, I personally think I am pretty awful against other players online, Injustice 2 does a great job in trying to help you become a better player and teach you new techniques so you can actually play in a competitive manner. It is that ability to be able to learn a game without being overwhelmed by its more complex competitive nature that really made playing Injustice 2 a pure joy and an experience which I will carry over far into the new year.

Injustice 2 may not be everybody’s first choice when they think of the large catalog of games that have come out in 2017, but it will surely have a special place in my yearbook as my personal favorite. Once again, it was its accommodating nature, the vast cast of DC heroes, and the fact that it opened me to a whole new genre that I keep coming back, even if I am not all too great at the game. After all the fun that I had with Injustice 2, it will be really fun to be on the lookout for the next big fighting game of 2018.