Welcome to our newest weekly feature where we examine the biggest video game rumors from the past week and give our take on whether this a rumor that should have you excited or if it’s just another tall tale from your uncle who works at (insert favorite game company). Each week we will be taking a look at three of the industries biggest rumors and giving them a rating that ranges from ‘Practically Confirmed’ down to ‘No Chance’ as well we’ll be giving our own personal takes on these rumors to try to justify our positions. With that our of the day, let’s get to checking out this week’s biggest video game rumors!

Rumor: Nintendo is working on a Switch hardware redesign


Data-miners and tech analysts have been poring over the Nintendo Switch ever since it released last year hoping to find some hint of Nintendo’s future plans and it seems like the recent 5.0 update has opened up an interesting lead. A new SoC update, code-named ‘Mariko’ which leads to a new PCB (though it will probably physically look the same from the outside of the unit). All of this seems to point to Nintendo releasing a new version of the Switch down the road though personally I think we might just be getting a console with a redesigned internal arrangement rather than a console with any type of new features or form factor, at leastĀ over the next few years.

After all, the Switch is a brand new piece of technology that has yet to reach its full potential when it comes to game graphics and features so for Nintendo to ask us to upgrade so soon to a ‘Pro’ version would be a tough ask. Also – changing the Switch form factor isn’t technically as easy as it sounds since the Joy-Con controllers physically attach to the console the slots would have to change size as well and redesigning the Joy-Cons is also out of the question since they are at the forefront of Nintendo’s Switch marketing efforts, even serving as the system’s logo. So while I’m sure the Switch might get some sort of internal re-design we shouldn’t be expecting to be playing games on a New Nintendo Switch anytime soon.

Verdict: Very unlikely

Rumor: Next Assassin’s Creed game to be set in Ancient Greece


According to sources and industry insiders the next Assassin’s Creed game (which is currently scheduled for a 2019 release) will be set in Ancient Greece and take players on a quest throughout the Greek isles and mainland as the next front-line in the battle between the Assassin’s and Templars.

This rumor is one that, off the bat is very easy to believe. We already know the series has moved to a two-year development cycle in order to avoid the mistakes of Syndicate and Unity and last year’s Assassin’s Creed: Origins was met with critical acclaim, so moving the franchise backwards in time rather than forward seems to be a smart move by Ubisoft. Origins also mixed things up by including elements from the Egyptian Pantheon into the series which had, up to that point avoided elements deemed unnatural so setting the franchise in Greece with its reach lineup of deities could continue this trend and help tie both games together in more ways than one.

Verdict: Plausible

Rumor: Ubisoft preparing to bring back Splinter Cell


For our final rumor of the week we’re sticking with Ubisoft and the rumblings that they are planning on returning to the Splinter Cell series. The franchise has been quite since the 2013 release of Tom Clancy’s: Splinter Cell: Blacklist but that doesn’t mean that Ubisoft has been neglecting their military universe as several major games have been released (like The Division and Wildlands) that have kept the series close to people’s minds and built up the anticipation for Sam Fisher’s return.

Because of how this rumor leaked I am inclined to believe it is as good as confirmed. For a company like Amazon to not only put up a listing for the game but also share details that it will be present at E3 is a little too specific to be an error. Add to that it’s been almost 5 years since the last game was released and the timing lines up well for a return to the Splinter Cell series. Lastly Ubisoft has just recently revealed that Sam Fisher will be making an appearance in Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Sounds like a perfect cross-promotion to me.

Verdict: Practically confirmed

And that does it for our very first installment of LC Rumors! Do you think these rumors will soon be confirmed or are they just the wishful thinking of a few gamers out there? Let us know in the comment section below!