Another week, another set of video game rumors fresh off the press. This week we are hearing various reports of a couple of big, popular franchises making their debut on this generation of consoles as well as a potential look at the next generation of systems coming from Sony. While we here at the Link-Cable bureau of investigations and rumors would love for all of these to be true and confirmed we’re going to have to settle for just giving our takes on whether or not these rumors will prove to be a sign of things to come.

Rumor: PlayStation 5 Coming in 2020


It might sometimes feel like it’s not the case, considering that this generation introduced the concept of the ‘mid-gen refresh’ which of course made each console manufacture extend the life of this set of console, but the 8th generation is starting to get long in the tooth and the PlayStation 4 is soon to be celebrating its fifth birthday. So when rumors began to swirl that “key development partners” were starting to get access to PlayStation 5 devkits the internet came abuzz with ideas and concepts of what Sony’s new system could be though many were quick to point out that they did not expect the system to release in 2019 but only in 2020 at the earliest.

I’ve already chimed in on the idea of the PlayStation 5 launching at the beginning of the next decade in an article last summer and my opinion hasn’t really changed in that time. Simply put, Sony has found themselves in an odd position in the hardware race. They no longer have the most powerful console on the market thanks to the Xbox One X and the Nintendo Switch is burning up the sales chart so it seems like if anyone would be eager to kick-start the 9th generation of video game consoles it would be Sony and 2020 seems like as good a time as any to introduce the world to the 5th PlayStation console.

Verdict:  Plausible

Rumor: Animal Crossing: Globetrotter Coming to Switch


“Leaked images” are always a tricky thing to analyze since while they can be made to seem very convincing the tools available to ‘fake’ them are becoming quite advanced. However in the case of the purported leak of Animal Crossing: Globetrotter for the Nintendo Switch we have to immediately call these phonies. For one the image quality is abysmal and they only reuse assets from other games. Had more care been put into the set of fakes images we might have been fooled but this one is pretty easy to bust.

While I would personally love a new Animal Crossing (the Switch is a perfect platform for it too) I don’t think we’ve gotten our first glance of the game in motion. However the idea of an Animal Crossing game where you explore the ‘world’ at large is a pretty good one and would be a perfect fit for the series. Just imagine being able to visit and explore not just your town but a variety of other towns around the globe, each with their own villagers and maybe even themes. While I don’t think we’ve seen anything more than a fan’s handy work I do appreciate the idea and hope someone at Nintendo thinks the same thing.

Verdict:  No Chance

Rumor: BioShock 4 in Development


What was once one of gaming’s biggest franchises has gone silent since the release of the critically acclaimed and very high selling BioShock: Infinite in 2013 but if Jason Schreier (from Kotaku) is to be believed we might be getting a new game in the series and soon. The timing would definitely make a lot of sense and there’s no doubt that 2K Games would be looking for a hit after the lukewarm reception to Mafia III but also to follow-up on the expected success of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Personally I think it makes a lot of sense to expect the reveal a new BioShock game, especially with E3 2018 just around the corner. The series is beloved by its fans and they have been hungry to return to Rapture (or Columbia) though it would also be very cool to see another imaginative setting for the series – maybe underground or in space? No matter where the series takes us I think players will happily follow the game wherever it leads and I am reasonably confident we will see news on BioShock 4 in the next few weeks or months.

Verdict:  Plausible

What are your thoughts on this week’s rumors? Will we be playing PS5 games in 2020? And are Animal Crossing: Globetrotter and BioShock 4 legit games or just fan fabrications? Let us know in the comment section below!