The hectic platformer/brawler Move or Die has received a huge update that adds a whole bunch of new content to the game including a new ‘not-a-store’ content store, seven new characters and a whole bunch of new options. In celebration of the update Move or Die is available for 65% off ($5.24) on Steam. You can check out the update trailer as well as a full list of the updates below.

Press Release follows:

Key features in the ‘Green & Gold Update’ include:

  • “Not-A-Store” Item System: Completely redesigned system to unlock everything in the game, where players now earn points they can use towards any specific unlockable content
  • Seven New Characters: A Coin, a Top Hat, Old Concerned Joe, Taco Man, a Trash Panda, a Present, and a Penguin round out the new mix of zany additions to over 40 characters
  • Four New Game Modes: Tetrominos, Explosive Barrels, Boomerangs, Crowd Stomp
  • Seven New Mutators:  Moooove, Staller, Deaths’plosions, Flutter, Snek, Ghostly Jumps, Lethal Leaps
  • Customizable Trails: Customize the trails characters leave behind as the move through each game
  • Ability to Re-Roll Mutators
  • Ability to Re-Play Daily Challenge

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