Welcome to the first installment in our look at what the new year will bring us when it comes to all things gaming. In these articles we’ll be taking a look at the current state of each major platform, expected 2018 plans and of course, a look at all the major releases coming out over the next 365 days and what better place to get the ball rolling than with the house of PlayStation and Sony’s plans for the new year. What will Sony have in store for us in 2018? Here’s our 2018 preview!

Kicking things off, let’s take a look at the current state of Sony’s primary platform – the PlayStation 4. The system has continued to truck along, often taking the top spot in sales charts over its competitors and only just recently passing the Nintendo 3DS’ LTD sales and the top spot among 8th generation systems. This success has followed Sony and their system though the past four years and it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Though 2018 will bring new challenges for Sony and the PlayStation 4. Microsoft has a new system on the market with the Xbox One X, a console that boasts the most powerful technology every put inside of a video game console which puts Sony’s premiere model, the PS4 Pro in a tough spot. And then there’s a rejuvenated Nintendo whose Switch console is carrying plenty of momentum into the new year. In short, 2018 will be very interesting for Sony and the PlayStation 4.

A cursory glance at the PlayStation 4’s announced first party lineup for 2018 reveals a very strong set of games coming to the system. This includes Shadow of the Colossus (Remaster), MLB The Show 18, Days Gone, Detroit: Become Human, Dreams, Spider-Man and God of War (2018) all announced for release and this is all before E3 comes around. This in addition to a strong lineup of third-party exclusives like Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life coming to the platform to help shore up the lineup.

But it’s not like the system actually needs too many games coming exclusively to the system as by far the largest amount of third-party games are coming to the PS4, often with the superior version leading the pack, especially when it comes to traditional partners like Square Enix and Capcom. This list includes Monster Hunter: World, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, SoulCalibur VI and Kingdom Hearts III. With these games alone the PlayStation 4 has an incredibly strong lineup of games, with major releases hitting practically every month, which will keep the system relevant despite renewed pushes from the competition.

Of course the PlayStation 4 isn’t Sony’s only platform that they need to support as the PlayStation VR continues to be one of the most accessible virtual reality headsets out there and while the amount of games isn’t (yet) too large, what is coming to the PSVR is looking to be very high quality. Games like the creepy The Inpatient and long in production Golem are aiming to make a name for themselves when they launch for the PSVR in the first half of 2018. And then there’s the PS Vita which, yes continues to get support, mostly from Japanese publishers and will be home to games like Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory, Steins Gate: Elite, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and Rainbow Skies, all of which help the little system that could chug on for another year.

Lastly, there’s all the things we can’t confirm are coming in 2018 but will very likely get updates on as the year progresses. The gaming world is still abuzz from Death Stranding‘s bizarre trailer at The Game Awards and Hideo Kojima has gone on record to say that development is progressing faster than most would expect. So while its unlikely the game will release in 2018, we can definitely expect more news and maybe, finally, hopefully some gameplay footage. And then there are games like The Last of Us: Part II, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Ghosts of Tsushima that we’re all dying to get more info on.

When looking through what 2018 already has in store for Sony and its platforms its hard not to get excited about all the great looking games we’ll be playing on our PS4’s this year. And remember, most of we’ve discussed here is coming in the first half of the year. We still have major trade shows like E3, TGS and of course the PSX to look forward to where Sony has historically given us more a look at their future plans. The PS4 is currently enjoying the best years of its life, with games coming out at a rapid pace, keeping us all glued to our Sony systems and the way things are going, 2018 will be a hard year to tear ourselves away from the system.