Last week, we made an argument about how much we needed to have a new Darksiders game and revisiting the franchise only justifies the need for this game to see the light of day. Getting to pulverize angels and demons with ease and tearing through the flesh of my foes has never felt so good, but there are a few issues that have me feeling that Darksiders: Warmastered Edition is still the exact same game we played way back when in 2010. Still, the sheer amount of adrenaline provided will keep the nostalgia and bloodshed going strong.

Much like its 2010 iteration, Darksiders: Warmastered Edition’s controls stay much of the same, but the newly updated version could have used a bit of tuning. At times, especially in heavy combat, the controls felt clumsy and stiff, as if War himself was stuck in molasses, even before and or after completing a combo. It’s only a minor issue but it could get frustrating when trying to finish off a certain foe, only to be pushed aside like falter.

On the plus side, the combos that can be found throughout and purchased feel unique and offer players the chance to test their skills in mastering these special moves. Adding and mastering this arsenal of weapons is rewarding and helps balance the issues of the sometimes unruly controls and with being able to upgrade each set move so you can choose in which of War’s war chest you is better for tear foes from limb to limb.


My main gripe with Darksiders: Warmastered Edition (or any Darksiders game for that matter) is the awful camera. Sometimes it goes out of focus or decides to have a life of its own and move around which is incredibly frustrating, especially between combat and or trying to complete puzzles. To make matters worse, the lock on system is sluggish at best and trying to target the enemy you want to focus on becomes a challenge of itself.

Even with the shaky controls and camera, it is always a joy to return to Darksiders. Its 25-hour campaign is filled with many quests and puzzles to be solved, which is a nice change of pace to the constant barrage of enemies thrown your way. The game does a nice job in balancing both combat and exploration and rarely falls too heavily on one or the other. It also throws in many side quests and other goodies for you to uncover throughout the world, which even after coming back to it, I still seem to find new things to do and new things to be discovered.ds02

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition does get a graphic boost but this enhancement is much more minimal than other remakes of this generation. Comparing both the original and the Warmaster Edition shows that these differences are minor. Cleaner edges and environment details are hard to even see as the games mostly muted colors makes it difficult to identify any improvements. You’ll have to look long and hard to notice any major differences.

To help balance the minor graphic improvements, the boosted frame rate helps keep the action bloodshed flowing smoothly. Only in a few occurrences that the frame rate will dip, but those moments are brief as you will be clearing the problem within seconds as you blaze through your foes. On top of that, one of the many tropes that the franchise has always been in its excellent voice acting. With an all-star cast in Liam O’Brien, Troy Baker and Mark Hamill, all contribute to bringing out the best of Darksiders apocalyptic tale with incredible dialog and emotion.  

For what it’s worth, Darksiders: Warmastered Edition is an easy game to dive into and spend a few hours a day, fighting through a great story, but the game offers much more than just that. Collectibles, enhancements, new moves, and weapons are all part of what gives players the chance to experience this game in which way they so choose, and that’s what makes the franchise so fun to return to. You can blaze through the story, or try to collect every treasure in the world, but I promise you will have a much more fruitful experience doing the latter.


Starting at $21.99, Darksiders: Warmastered Edition is a steal. While many newly remastered releases eclipsing the $70.99 price range, you are getting a game that could have been “regularly” priced, but instead, it is at a discount for everybody to enjoy. On top of its affordable price, the early game sale of both Darksiders last week that saw both remastered at a low price of $10.99 was just too hard to pass up and hopefully everyone took advantage of this incredible deal.

Darksiders is one my favorite franchises and having the chance to return to play it all over again is something I can’t pass up. That being said, Darksiders: Warmastered Edition isn’t a perfect remaster and even with the new polished visuals it still looks and plays closer to the original rather than a true remaster. Fans who are truly into the series or newcomers to Darksiders franchise will surely get their money’s worth with this port, but just don’t expect anything truly groundbreaking.