Telltale’s first episode of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Telltale Series gave us our first glimpse of Marvel’s ragtag space heroes and we were delightfully impressed with it. While it was all in good fun, it did suffer from a few minor inconsistencies that took some of the emotion of the greater moments in the game. Now, we are in the second episode with Episode 2: Under Pressure, which looks to correct some of the flaws of Episode 1: Tangled in Blue while still delivering in the same readable gameplay that Telltale is known for.

The story picks up moments after Episode 1: Tangled up in Blue, where Peter Quill awakens from what the rest of the Guardians thought to be his death. With a magical device known as the Eternity Forge, Peter is able to get back to his old self without too many repercussions. As they plan to embark on finding the source of the Eternity Forge, Peter is greeted with visions of the past, where his memory plays out a bit differently. With enemies trying to track down The Guardians, Rocket has some business to attend to, and at this point is where you will face a major dilemma as for how to carry the rest of the story.

While there aren’t many differences in terms of gameplay mechanics or the visual presentation in the second episode, Episode 2: Under Pressure does have far better consistent writing this time around, making some of the key moments feel memorable and impactful in comparison to the first episode. These moments vary depending on which path you chose, but for many of these instances, they deliver on atmosphere and setting the tone forward, something that Episode 1: Tangled up in Blue did not create for the player.

Once again, the game doesn’t offer any improvements in terms of gameplay, visuals or length, but Episode 2: Under Pressure gives a more in-depth look at this ragtag team of heroes that make them far more endearing and relatable. The actions taken have a more impactful outcome when progressing and some of the choices are rather difficult to choose. Thinking you have taken the right course of action, one character will frown upon you, making it seem that what might have been best for everyone wasn’t exactly what needed to be done.

Episode 2: Under Pressure offers is roughly the same length as the first episode, and that shouldn’t change moving forward, but it’s what the writers decided to do this time around that makes it far more memorable. Where we get to see the more human side of some characters while providing a deep backstory for the player makes some of the side heroes feel more valuable in the game rather than just extra bodies for you to collect information from.

Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 2: Under Pressure does exactly what the first episode should have done. While the improvements are minimal, they are still very visible in terms of writing and character expressions, something that was inconsistent in the first episode. Episode 2: Under Pressure makes use of its terrific writing and makes us wanting more for future episodes with even more action and suspense than ever before.

A copy of Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series was provided to Link-Cable by the publisher for the purpose of this review.