It has been more than seven years since the original release of Super Meat Boy which brought forth a grueling platforming to all those looking to set themselves for a challenge. I finally took the time to purchase and experience what this fast-paced platformer has to offer and it is safe to say that this game is no joke. Super Meat Boy is a punishing, yet rewarding title that will test your skills and your very patients to the very end and I regret not having played it sooner.

The players take up the role of Meat Boy, a skinless cube shaped person (ew), who is on a mission to save his girlfriend and (literal) means of life Bandage Girl, who has been captured by Dr. Fetus. Throughout the adventure, Meat Boy must dodge, slide and jump over many obstacles such as buzz-saw and other meat grinding contraptions in order to rescue his beloved. Its very much an overplayed gaming trope, but Super Meat Boy puts enough humor and silliness that makes it feel far from a ripoff.

It is clear that Super Meat Boy takes inspiration from some of the gamings most renowned titles such as the NES Mega Man franchise and Super Mario Bros., both from a fundamental and technical standpoint. Each stage has to think two steps ahead and has you frantically making quick moves to get across each and every stage. While the levels may prove to be unforgiving, it is easy to get drawn to Super Meat Boy’s challenging stages and will leave you with a sense of pride when completing each one.

Having said that, Super Meat Boy features a staggering number of levels that eclipse the 300 mark, but do not let that deter you as they can all be completed in quick succession from one another, that is, if you can beat them of course. This is the most unique aspect from the title as the levels are far shorter than most platformers, but Super Meat Boy really makes this it is own as it only adds to the intensity of each and every stage.

The art direction for Super Meat Boy is exactly what many developers should strive for when making their next title. The game’s visuals are clean, colorful and most importantly, it is simple. There are many games nowadays that try so hard to “push the boundaries” of what we can produce visually, but the game is a perfect example as to how we can create great looking titles without having to have the best graphics or the “flash” and “pizzazz”. You are a cube of meat trying to save your cube meat girlfriend, it doesn’t need to be complicated and Super Meat Boy does it right with its beautiful, yet gory presentation.

The game’s soundtrack also deserves some recognition. Its retro-inspired music score captures perfectly the NES era sound bits all while providing a sense of pace and anxiety as it always feels as though you need to rush through each and every level. With a mix of retro beats, techno, rock, and even industrial metal Super Meat Boy’s soundtrack are as diverse as it is catchy and will have you bobbing your head after each and every failed level attempt.

What is great is that anybody can pick up Super Meat Boy on almost any platform for just a few dollars. Whether you plan on playing the gut-wrenching platformer from the comfort of your own living room or want to take the adventure on the go through both portable consoles and or on cell phones, all options are available and even after seven years after its release, Super Meat Boy is still being brought to newer devices. It is through the games charming aesthetics and easy to pick up play style that allows it to be a success on any platform that Super Meat Boy releases on.  

Super Meat Boy offers a great blend of frustration and precision. A perfect title to sink your teeth into and savor every minute of it until the very end. The light-hearted style compliments its gruesome display of splattering meat which makes dying feel almost as rewarding as completing each and every level. Super Meat Boy maybe an older title, but its bone-crunching experience will still feel fresh to those looking for a challenge that will push and insult you every step of the way.