Last week my brother wrote a very lovely piece on the Top 10 Best Dogs in Gaming, and while I’ve got nothing against mans quote-unquote best friend, I’ve always been a firm believer in the old proverb that says “dogs drool, cats rule”. And while cats sometimes get a bad-rap for their aloofness, laziness and just general mischievousness there also great companions that have a natural knack for cheering you up, either with a well-timed nuzzle, uplifting play opportunity or by delivering a freshly killed bird right to your bed.  And so, to push my cat-centric agenda I’ve decided to dedicated this top week’s Top 10 to those 4-legged critters that purr, play and poo in box.

10 – Rover – Animal Crossing Series

The very first villager you meet in any of the mainline Animal Crossing games, Rover serves as your introduction to your new life in an animal filled village. And while the series has plenty of memorable felines (Blanca is a personal favorite of mine) I felt that Rover’s calming, joking and even a bit sarcastic nature perfectly suited his nature as well… a cat. Plus he’s so far the only cat to have his own amiibo figure which has to count for something right?

9 – Bubsy – Bubsy Series

Probably the most hated and despised bobcat in the history of internet rage, Bubsy makes this list not because of the quality of his games (they sucked) or his personality (he’s awful) but for the countless hours of joy he’s given us in making fun of the guy. He’s become synonymous with brash, annoying 90’s ‘tude’, so much that he makes Sonic and his extended cast of friends look like nice, folksy, respectable members of society. Bubsy… never change.

8 – Neon Tiger – Mega Man X3

One of the most ferocious Mavericks, Neon Tiger from Mega Man X3 makes the list as the sole big cat (well technically he’s a machine) to crack the top 10. His power comes in the form of his blazing claws that have the ability to slice through metal like butter and his agile leaps makes the battle against him feel much more vertical than previous fight in the series. That and his battle music ain’t bad either.

7 – Toro Inoue – PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royal

The cat who would be human, Toro Inoue may not be well known here in North America but in Japan he’s a pretty big deal, serving as Sony’s mascot for the PlayStation brand. And while this kitty may not (yet) be a household name here he has been making some strides, notable by appearing in Sony Smash Bros PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royal and Street Fighter X Tekken as a fully playable character.

6 – Taokaka – BlazBlue Series

This fighter from the BlazBlue series is… unique in the sense that I’m not entirely sure if she’s a cat or a person dressed as a cat. Either way Taokaka is a decently strong fighter if you can get a grip of her very singular fighting style that relies heavily on her magical abilities rather than raw strength.

5 – Katt Monroe – Star Fox 64

Katt Monroe, from the ever quotable Star Fox 64 may only appear in a couple of levels but she makes her presence known in a big way, getting under the ‘tough as nails’ Falco’s skin in a way that Slippy could only dream of. And while she may only play a bit part in that game she does finally make a playable appearance on the Nintendo DS’ Star Fox: Command and proves that she’s just as competent pilot than any of the Star Fox crew.

4 – Mae – Night in the Woods

The most ‘human’ cat on this list (sorry Toro), Mae from the amazingly-excellent Night in the Woods perfectly articulates what it is to be a jaded young adult with her acerbic wit and sarcastic, dry humor. But it’s not just her personality that helps Mae stand out but the fact that she stars in a terrific game that will not only make you feel things but make you think about your place in the universe.

3 – The Cat – Catlateral Damage

Going from the most human cat to the most… cat, cat on this list of cats. This kitty from Catlateral Damage has but one goal, to knock things off of shelves, tables and other high places, and really isn’t that the dream life of all cats?

2 – Cait Sith – Final Fantasy VII

Like Neon Tiger a few spots up, Cait Sith from Final Fantasy VII may not technically be alive but that hasn’t stopped him from winning a spot in this article and in our hearts. Using attacks and moves that are definitely more on the silly side of things when compared to his party-mates, Cait Sith fills the important spot of the comic relief character in an otherwise gloomy and dark story. I really can’t wait to see how they make him work in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

1 – Meowth – Pokémon Series

While I wanted to avoid filling this list with Pokémon it was hard to argue against including Meowth. This cat-scratch Pokémon might not be all that powerful in the original games but his presence as one of Team Rocket’s mainstays in the anime made him a household name that endures to this day. Add to that his new Alolan form that gives him new Dark-Type moves and you a Pokémon that’s not only adorable but a decent choice in competitive play.

And that wraps up our list of the best kitty-cats in gaming. Did your favorite make the list? Let us know in the comment section below!