Super Smash Bros. for Switch! Super Smash Bros for Switch!… It is all that everybody can talk about these days. Yes, Nintendo’s big fighting game franchise has been a roaring success since day one and has been a fan favorite for both the casual and competitive scene. It’s time for Sony to start thinking of taking a piece of that pie and bring back their own mascot fighting mash-up. We already did the heavy lifting for them as we bring a list of 10 new fighters that should make their way to the next PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale.

10 – Geralt of Rivia – The Witcher

We kick off this list with the Witcher himself, as Geralt of Rivia would be a terrific candidate for a resurrection of Sony’s fighting franchise. Hid fame alone will already be bringing him over to Soul Calibur 6 and his everlasting appeal with fans would make him a top pick right off the hop. This all depends on CD Projekt Red, but we really can’t see a problem with Geralt making yet another cameo, let alone beating down on other Sony mascots for fan supremacy.   

9 – Knack – Knack

Both Knack and Knack 2 were unique experiences in their own rights and had some quirky mechanics to boot, but didn’t have the lasting appeal of some other big name platformers but as much as this series seems to be forgotten, Sony has always pushed to bring it back to light. Introducing Knack next to other prolific Sony franchises could bring out more interest in the franchise all while showcasing just how serious the Japanese game publishers are with this series moving forward.

8 – Goku – Dragon Ball

Rest of the internet: “Wait… are you serious? With everybody else available you had to choose Goku!?!”

Me: Yup, and here’s the reasons why.

As funny and as strange as it sounds, Goku does deserve some consideration. As the Dragon Ball franchise, mainly with Dragon Ball Super has brought the series to an all time high, we’ve also seen new fighting games featuring the Z Fighters and co. with both Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 as well as Dragon Ball: FighterZ which reached critical success, but Goku’s main appeal is how this would be a one-up against Nintendo and their fans who have been (half-jokingly) been asking for him to be part of the Super Smash Bros. roster, which is reason enough to put a ballot for the anime hero.

7 – William – Nioh

There is a recurring theme of sword-wielding heroes on this list, but that doesn’t stop them from being good picks, and William from Nioh is one of the many examples of this. Yet another graceful swordsman with a multitude of weapons at his disposal as well as being a console exclusive makes it an easy pick for sure. While Nioh and some others do share some similarities with one another, it is those tiny differences that have William and the rest prominently featured on this list.

6 – Jin Kazama – Tekken

We already had Heihachi the first time around, so let’s have the younger blood take care of the fighting this round. Jin has been a symbol for the Tekken series since 1997 when he was first introduced in Tekken 3 and would be right at home on Sony’s fighting franchise. It might come as a bit of a plain jane roster selection, but there is no denying that Jin’s moveset and fame would make him an instant classic and fan favourite if he were to be introduced to PlayStation Allstars.

5 – X – Mega Man X

What is it going to take to get X characters out of the Marvel vs. Capcom purgatory? The Mega Man X franchise may have delivered some of gaming’s best platformers and yet, we are still without anything new for almost a decade. It’s about time we see something new out this Capcom’s franchise and having X prominently featured will surely kickstart a demand (if it wasn’t already there) for more Mega Man X.

4 – The Hunter – Bloodborne

Hey, Nintendo is getting a Solaire of Astoria amiibo, time to step up your game Sony! Like many of you, Bloodborne was a personal favourite and it would surely be easy to imagine the main protagonist of Dark Souls gothic brother take part in a fighting game. With enough weapons to take down every demon of the dark world of Bloodborne and could bring that variety over for some more, kind-hearted action, just as long as he isn’t slashing people in half or leaving a gory scene that is.

3 – Protagonist – Persona 5

Sony and Persona go hand and hand like PB&J, so this really becomes an easy match. Persona 5 was also a roaring success and was a close contender for GOTY here at Link-Cable which makes it even more of a reason to have the Protagonist of this hardcore JRPG be featured in a possible new entry to Sony’s fighting game. If there is to be another Playstation Allstars, we can’t see it going without one of the company’s biggest third-party franchises making an appearance.

2 – YoRHa No. 2 Type B / 2B – NieR: Automata

Weird Japanese robot chick with an arsenal of moves and weapons? Yeah, that will fit the bill. Yet another critically acclaimed title from this gen, (Sony has been hitting them out of the part in the last few years) NieR: Automata is an excellent experience and 2B should be considered before many others, and heck, Nintendo plugged Bayonetta into their much more kid-friendly fighting brawler so there shouldn’t be a reason to worry about 2B being too revealing.   

1 – Aloy – Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony’s newest exclusive was a true masterpiece and there is no other heroine that would be better fitted to lead a new instalment to PlayStation All-Stars than Aloy of Horizon: Zero Dawn. For starters, her move and skill sets are already ready, but it’s how recognizable she is to gamers that makes her the perfect addition all while showing off what Sony has worked so hard to achieve through this current generation and the next has Aloy at the top of our list.

And with that, we conclude our list of what we think would and should make up for potential newcomers for a new PlayStation Allstars, but we want to hear from you. Which characters did you think deserved to have made the cut? Let us know what you think of this weeks Top 10 and stay tuned as a new one is featured each and every Friday.