St Patrick’s is here and for one day everything will be green. We’ll have green hats, shirts, cake, and beer. (which isn’t Irish, but that’s beyond the point) In gaming, there are many heroes who wore green and wore it proudly, and today we take a look at the Top 10 Green dudes in gaming. The only rule is that there must be some sort of green on the characters design, be it their clothes, armor, or even skin. So let’s raise our green beer and give three cheers for those who rock green better than anyone else.

10 – Gex

We kick off this list with a certain forgotten, sly looking gecko. Gex was a master of many traits and played many roles, but is now only seen as a relic of the past. Going from platformer to 3D adventure, Gex made a name for himself in the late 90’s and will always be viewed as an icon of that era of gaming. The secret agent reptile’s best days may be behind him, but we will always remember the green-skinned gecko for not only for his games but for his style as well.   

9 – Bulbasaur

After debating which grass-type was the best, we had to choose the original starter, Bulbasaur. The seed Pokémon has a great duel typing with both Grass and Poison attributes, which was a great choice for many first time players since he could take down most of the early gyms with ease as well as some of the strongest Pokémon in the game. After a while, your cute and cuddly Bulbasaur will evolve into both Ivysaur and Venusaur and be a fearsome addition to any team. The No.001 Pokémon gets our pick as the best green Pokémon out of them all.  

8 – Army Men

Hard to not have the Army Men on a list specifically on green characters. The Army Men have had many versions both as toys and in video games, but it’s the sassy yet fun loving bunch from the Sarge’s’ Heroes game that gets the honor to be on this list. The green Army Men stood to every challenge and fought the valiant battle in what can only be described as a nostalgic throwback.  

7 – Doomguy

What’s scarier? A hoard of space demons from Mars ready to rip and tear through the world? Or a one-man army who even the best of what Hell had to throw at him couldn’t stop him? Meet Doomguy, possibly the embodiment of pure power and badassery. Taking down each demon with his powerful shotgun and green armored suit. What’s even better is that his suit never switched color and Doomguy always rocked the green… Mixed with the blood of his enemies of course.

6 – Reptile

The shape-shifting reptilian warrior earns a special spot on this list. Starting as a rumor of a hidden playable character in the arcade cabinets, the green fighter was introduced in later games, getting many revisions, but always staying green with envy. His appearance has been altered to look far more reptilian than human, but Reptile remains one of the greatest fighters in the Mortal Kombat universe. Better stay away from this acid spitting, head eating fighter.

5 – Jade

Jade from Beyond Good & Evil kicked it up a notch by not only wearing a comfortable green hoodie but also spotted a bandana of the same color and rocked some jade green lipstick. This brainy heroine can also dish out the pain with her staff while solving puzzles with ease. We are still waiting for Ubisoft to show us Beyond Good & Evil 2 and we sure hope to see Jade, green and all, make an appearance.

4 – Link

Link has had many interpretations throughout The Legend of Zelda games, most notably in his green tunic. The iconic look has been a staple of the franchise up until recently in Link’s latest adventure. From 2D, cel-shaded and 3D, Link’s famous garb is well known throughout many gamers and non-gamers alike. Many people still call him Zelda, but people will always remember his green tunic and the adventures of Link throughout Hyrule.

3 – Blanka

Blanka vertical rolls over Guile and takes down Cammy as the greenest and meanest hero of all of Street Fighter. The Brazilian is mostly known for his docile nature out of the ring and for his ferocity in battle. Using animal like instincts and electricity based attacks makes Blanka one of the better-known staples in all of the Street Fighter franchise. Not only that, but he wears the color green proudly and literally as he is covered from head to toe with only his wild, untamed orange hair and his shorts being the only thing that isn’t of the same color as his skin.

2 – Master Chief

The Halo franchise was graced with their own green-clad, gun-wielding hero and Master Chief has made such a name for himself over the years. The flagship franchise for Microsoft has defeated many alien foes over the years, all rocking his Mjolnir Powered Armor Suit and his endless arsenal of weapons at his disposal. Sci-fi shooters and gaming, in general, would not be where it is if it wasn’t for the green armored hero of the Halo franchise.

1 – Luigi

Was there any other choice? Luigi, the most iconic brother, player two, as well as green wearing character, earns the top spot on this week’s Top 10. All the little brothers and sisters around the world myself included, has made friends playing like Luigi since the older sibling was always Mario, but Luigi isn’t just second fiddle to his more famous brother. His jumps are better, he’s taller, he can stare down through your soul when go-karting and he has starred in his own adventure, sometimes rescuing his brother. No childhood would be complete without having a player two, and Luigi was always there for us.

As we celebrate St Patty’s day, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the greenest character in gaming. Which green hero is your favorite? Want to add to the list? Feel free to put your green wearing game characters in the comments below and enjoy your St Patrick’s day!