It’s no secret we here at Link-Cable see the critically acclaimed title in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as one of the best titles of the year, scoring it with both 9.8 for the Wii U and 9.9 for the Nintendo Switch versions respectively. That’s not to say that we do not see some areas for improvement for the game and after months of playing and a few hundred hours invested, we take a look at ten different areas that the next Zelda game can improve from our journey through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

10 – Better Character Development

With the help of brief voice acting moments, we had more of an in-depth look of some of the key characters in Breath of the Wild and for the most part was greatly successful. Heroes were fleshed out with emotion and noticeable characteristics and we only hope that Nintendo improves on this for future Zelda titles. Some of the more prominent faces truly draw you in with their deep and interesting characteristics, while some were far less desirable figures with missing character development. It is still a relatively new venue for Nintendo to try to perfect and we are sure that it will be the case for their newer titles moving forward.

9 – A Better Sense of Direction

With many games in the Zelda franchise critiqued for their hand-holding experience, Breath of the Wild doesn’t, which is great, when only it is not. Finding simple objectives and or quest items can become a frustrating task with little to no guidance from anything or anyone besides a few vague mentions. It’s not that we want for the game to tell us exactly where the item in question is located, but a better sense of direction and more clues would go a long way for the next title, especially if it would be as large as Breath of the Wild.

8 – Full Voice Acting

Let’s be real, when the time that we hear Link utter any words is when they decided to make the remakes of both Zelda: The Wand of Gamalon and The Faces of Evil, but full voice acting would be a really fun addition to what has now only scratch the surface for the series. The in-game cutscenes and the brief moment of dialog were fantastic and we only hope that we will get to see more of this in many of Nintendo’s future titles, especially for The Legend of Zelda franchise.

7 – A Real Crafting System

The cooking and potions that we made in Breath of the Wild was a fantastic addition to the game and really pushed the fact that you needed to fend for yourself in each given moment, but we only wished they pushed the boundaries of their crafting system. Crafting weapon and armor enhancements would be a welcome addition to the franchise and potentially making your own gear like many other open-world adventure games could be added as well. It’s not to say the system that was in place wasn’t enough, but we just wished there were more tools to play around and craft many more items than we could.

6 – One Weapon to Rule Them All

The weapon variety is a neat feature and makes it a struggle throughout the game as each battle becomes more about strategizing your approach rather than just roaming in blatantly with the Master Sword in hand, but the next installment better gives out one or a few weapons for the journey. The sense you are in the wild, baring it all with what you have truly helps give the sense of struggle and emptiness the land of Hyrule truly is and it is great for Breath of the Wild, but we don’t want Breath of the Wild 2, we want “The Legend of Zelda: I worked 40 plus Hours to get the Best Sword in All of Gaming and I deserve to Wield it at my Leisure for my Accomplishments’” – Working title.

5 – Better Side-Quests / Mini Games

While they are in an abundant amount in Breath of the Wild, the game is missing staples that make any Zelda game great and that is true lore specific side quests and awesome mini-games. We never mind going to find the Korocks and we can forgive in getting a Gold “thing” as a reward for our hard work, but where is our fishing games or when completing a prolonged quest to collect our deserving Pieces of Hearts. The quests in the game don’t deliver in that sense of fulfillment and reward that truly made those long and tiresome quests feel meaningful and we hope the next Zelda game provides much more of those experiences.

4 – Enemy Variety

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is chalk full of different items, NPC’s, weapons, armor set and zones that were far more ambitious than any other Nintendo title to date. You even have to run around and take pictures of all the different things you come across throughout the land of Hyrule and while all of this adds to the depth of the world, one area that the recent installment suffered from is through its enemy design. Yes, there are many, yes they vary between them, but there isn’t much to go about with the diversity of the foes flocking about. No zone specific enemies besides the occasional palate swap make these enemies repetitive after a short time. New faces and new ideas for the next Zelda title would surely go a long way.

3 – Boss Variety

To go along hand in hand with the last point, bosses and mini-bosses alike are far too similar and repetitive. The four forms of Ganon (spoiler) you’ll encounter in each of the Divine Beasts are all fantastic bosses and are worth boss fights, we just wished we’d be able to fight a Dudongo or Queen Gomah at some point throughout the adventure. The Guardians and Lynel’s you encounter throughout your journey pose quite a threat, but other mini-bosses were a bit of a letdown in comparison to the series past.

2 – Better Plot

Now, we are happy with the pleasant new take on the story for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as it provided with enough variety and differences from past instalments while keeping the same core concept for its narrative in place. The end goal is that you go through Hyrule and beat bosses, obtain better gear, get the Master Sword and save the Princess and the land all together. That’s great and it is what we expect from the franchise, but we just wished it dove a bit deeper into the game’s lore and give us more than a glimmer as to what happened in Hyrule’s past rather everybody saying “this conveniently happened 100 years ago”. It just felt as a scapegoat for many unanswered questions and could have done a better job in portraying the impending doom much better.

1 – Real Dungeons

Yes, the biggest flaw that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild suffers from is a lack in dungeon. With over 100 shrines scattered across the land, you’d think that would be enough to satisfy the appetite for our sense of dungeon exploration, but sadly, these were the “biggest” let down in the entire instalment. Next Zelda entry better feature full-fledged dungeons with unique enemies, features, puzzles and bosses that are all vastly different from the last. It is not to say that the shrines were bad by any means, is just that is was a disappointment that one of the staples of the Zelda game did not make its way in what many consider the best title in all of the franchise.

With the conclusion of our weekly Top 10, we ask for you to let us know what you think would help the next installment in the Zelda franchise. Did we miss something from our list today? Or do you have an improvement from one of our picks above? Let us know what you think that was missing from Breath of the Wild and should be in the next Zelda game and stay tuned for more weekly Top 10’s each and every Friday.