In just a few more days, the long-anticipated release of Monster Hunter: World will finally be here. Newbies and seasoned vets are gearing up for the series first taste in HD and with it, brings forth new monsters to hunt, items to collect and gear to grind. Today, we take a look at ten familiar monsters that are currently not introduced in Monster Hunter: World that should make an appearance and become our next big hunt on what looks to be the next frontier for the entire franchise.

10 – Great Jaggi

Every game series, no matter how hard they are, need an easy boss to teach new players how to play and it is exactly as to why the Great Jaggi is starting off our list. This monster isn’t here for show, nor for how much of a challenge it opposes to the player, but purely on the fact that the games first “real” fight needs to be a bit more tone down than the rest. The Great Jaggi will never pose a threat as even other monsters are usually picking on it, but at least it gets the recognition it deserves… as a punching bag hunters everywhere.  

9 – Khezu

KILL THIS THING WITH FIRE! The Khezu seems to be popular with fans (for some odd reason), but this grotesque monster would add much with its unique attacks and tactics. While it seems better suited for the other Capcom franchise in Resident Evil, the Khezu would help balance out some of the monsters we currently see in Monster Hunter: World. Even as I cringe at the thought of seeing this unpleasant being in HD, the Khezu would be a great addition to the game,

8 – Barioth

The Barioth is another monster that resides in the coldest frontier and the highest peaks that the Monster Hunter franchise has to offer, but what makes this beast so much better than the previously mentioned Khezu (anything is better than a Khezu) is its unique move-set and appearance. Resembling closely to a snowy winged sabertooth tiger, this beast will punish anyone who is ill-prepared for its ferocious leaps and daring ice tornado attacks.

7 – Agnaktor

One of the coolest additions to Monster Hunter: Tri, the Agnaktor is a deadly, lava swimming, a laser-spewing lizard that lives in a volcano. By far his greatest trait is the fact that if it doesn’t submerge into the lava pools below, its scales will become hard as stone and become almost impenetrable by normal attacks. Coordinating to fend off this foe take time and patience as you’ll need to lure it into the magma below to even having a shot of taking down this unorthodox leviathan.   

6 – Qurupeco

Every game, movie or television show has their clown and Monster Hunter has the Qurupeco. This dodo bird doesn’t pack much of anything as it is frail, clumsy and will scurry offs of the first sight of danger, but what makes it truly a troll is its unique way to call for help. No, it doesn’t call forth more of its graceless bird friends over onto the battlefield but will call forth terrifying behemoths even if it means its own life. So the next time you cross this dope, remember that it has the Deviljho on speed-dial.  

5 – Tigrex

Vintage horror films have Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolf-man, and Monster Hunter has the Tigrex. A lethal monster who will chase you in brutal fashion with no remorse, the Tigrex would bring back that classic Monster Hunter feel to the newest installment. Not only that, but he would prove to be a test for all players as even seasoned vets of the franchise dare to challenge this monster alone.

4 – Zinogre

A hound type beast with the power of lightning? Say no more! The Zinogre is another classic beast to the series that has been loved by many but hunted by few. Its powerful electric based attacks and sharp claws only begin to tackle down what this monster is capable of and with only a few beast based foes in Monster Hunter: World as of now, Zinogre will quickly become a welcomed addition to add to the hunt.

3 – Gore Magala

The Gore Magala won fans over when it made its debut appearance on Monster Hunter: 4 Ultimate with its infectious personality. Literally. This beast will infect any nearby hunters and monsters with a virus when striking out or leaving its sheddings around the landscape. This monster brutal speed and power alone make him a terrifying adversary to face down, and the battle never seems to dwindle down as its attacks become even more vicious the longer it lasts which makes the Gore Magala the perfect candidate for Monster Hunter: World.

2 – Brachydios

A brutal monster that packs quite a punch. This brute wyvern has proved to be a punishing experience for even the veteran hunters who have encountered it in the wilderness of Monster Hunter and we only hope to see Brachydios stomp and pound its way onto Monster Hunter: World. Being quite unique with its explosive substance on its forearms and horn, Brachydios is not only a powerful foe but an adaptive one at that. Taking this monster down takes real heart and courage as well as a whole lot of potions to boot.

1 – Lagiacrus

Ever since its inception as the flagship monster in Monster Hunter: Tri on the Wii, Lagiacrus has quickly become a fan favorite and should take part in Monster Hunter: World. This deep-sea leviathan boasts a strong offense and a great defense with its quick strikes and lightning scales that erupt in a blink of an eye. With the return of Lagiacrus, it could bring back underwater combat to the series which would help to add an even greater level of depth to the newest installment of the Monster Hunter franchise.

With that, we conclude another weekly Top 10, but the fun isn’t over as we want to hear from you as to which monsters are you hoping to hunt in Monster Hunter: World. Do you want to see some of the classic monsters of the series past? Or are you hoping for something new to hunt in Monster Hunter: World? Let us know what you think in the comments below and we hope to see you out in about when Monster Hunter: World drops on January 26th.