This past year will be remembered for a long time, mostly because of the overabundance of excellent games to have released in 2017. But every coin has two sides and for all the great games we got to play there was a stinker we had to suffer through as well. These 10 games represent those terrible titles that at one point had us excited to play them only to dash our hopes with their terrible gameplay, bad graphics, lousy level design and just plain awful production values. Of course, there are definitely statistically worst games that released in 2017 but we wanted to give some attention to the games that left a particularly bad taste in our mouths.

10 – Sonic Forces

Kicking off this list is a game that I really wanted to love… but ended up being one of the most frustrating games I had the displeasure of playing this year. With boring level design accented by janky controls and physics that bordered on broken this was a painful experience to play through. Its especially hard to reconcile after the amazing Sonic Mania released just a few months earlier to give us hope that the series had turned a corner. You know what, I’m just going to stop getting excited for new 3D Sonic games.

9 – Hello Neighbor

Another game that had a ton of anticipation surrounding it Hello Neighbor was an Early Access darling, with players and streamers alike flocking to the game. Sure it had issues, like buggy graphics, glitches and controls that just didn’t work sometimes, but all of that would be sorted out in time for the final release, right? Well… no, Hello Neighbor just released its version 1.0 a few days ago and its still as broken and frustrating as ever, except now you have to pay more money to play it. Goodbye neighbor.

8 – Troll and I

Ambition can be a great tool, pushing new ideas further and giving one the confidence to experiment and explore. Troll and I definitely has ambition, its a budget title that tries to return to the glory days of ‘medium’ sized games, where a good idea can make up for financial shortcomings. Unfortunately what we got was a nearly unplayable mess of half-baked ideas, last gen graphics and shoddy execution.The one silver lining is that the game did have a few creative ideas woven in, so maybe one day we’ll get to see those ideas put to use in… well a good game.

7 – Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

Who on Earth asked for this!? Bubsy, one of the most reviled video game characters from the 90’s in a modern, HD revival is an absolutely terrible idea that proves that bad games (and bad characters) are better off forgotten. But hey, as far as revivals go this one isn’t so bad since it brings back all the things the original games were known for, like bad level design, terrible graphics and the most annoying fictional character since Jar-Jar Binks, so in that regard. Mission accomplished.

6 – Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle

‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ is saying that has guided many projects and kept things from getting over-complicated. It might also have been the motto to one of the most boring, over simplistic and just plain dulls we played all year. Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle is a game that seems to be missing ‘something’, some hook to keep the gameplay fresh or to set it apart from other anime-style games on the market, instead it just sort of exists, without purpose except of course to be featured in this article.

5 – Road Rage

Remember the old PlayStation game Road Rash? That game was fun right? It was silly, over-the-top and a great way to blow off some steam with friends in multiplayer matches. Sure it was dumb but that was part of the fun and there’s nothing wrong with a game not having a complex plot or complicated controls behind it. Ah, wouldn’t it be great if someone decided to make a game like that again? Ya I bet it would… oh well!

4 – Vroom in the Night Sky

The Nintendo Switch did not have a lot of games to play around it launch window, so it was important that the games that were selected to help usher in Nintendo’s newest console be of the highest quality to show off why you needed to get one. Vroom in the Night Sky though, I’m pretty sure was created by one of Nintendo’s competitors to try to derail the new console’s release. Laughable graphics, boring gameplay and just all around terribleness mare this game and sets it as a black mark on the early Switch lineup. Thankfully it must not have sold very well as the Switch is selling like hotcakes, so the evil plan must have failed.

3 – Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

In 2017 was anyone really asking for a video game based on the Reservoir Dogs? I mean, in theory it could be interesting, but as an overhead shooter with arcade style gameplay? Nope, no one wanted this. And while I want very much to never mention this game again, I do want to encourage all of you to get a good laugh by having a look at the above screenshot and its terrible character designs. Seriously, whenever you’re feeling down, come to this page and stare at this picture. You’ll be laughing uncontrollably in no time.

2 – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Mega Battle

Somewhere in the space time continuum, child-Alex is crying. The Power Rangers was one of my favorite things as a kid, an even though I fell off the bandwagon after the like 100th incarnation of the show I will always have a soft spot for the original squad. But then there’s games like¬†Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Mega Battle that just kinda stomp on all those fun childhood memories. From terrible graphics and art style to repetitive and dull gameplay, this is the kind of game that should be banished forever to the Moon.

1 – Tokyo Tattoo Girls

Tokyo Tattoo Girls is the worst game I’ve played all year and yet I still debated whether to put it on this list or not. Why? Because its barely a game at all! There’s almost no gameplay to it and ‘point’ of it all is to unlock more images of half-naked anime girls. When working my way through it, I kept wondering when the game would ‘let me play’ but that never came and when the realization hit me that I had already done everything it had to offer after barely an hour I knew for sure I had found the one. The one game that would be on top of this list.

That does it for our list of the worst games of 2017. Hopefully we never hear from these 10 games again and remember the good times we had all year. What are your least favorite games of the year? Let us know in the comment section below.