Even the greatest of systems have some stinkers on them and the Switch, despite really taking off in its first year, has its own fair share of lame, boring and just plain bad games. And that’s what this list is all about, chronicling the worst games that have come to the Nintendo Switch in its first year. So if you have ever played any of these games, just remember this, the Switch has great games, really good games and also just plain ok games, sadly we wasted our time with these 10 stinkers and we are never getting it back.

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10 – 1-2-Switch

The very first Switch game I ever played is also one of its worst. 1-2-Switch is a mini-game collection that shows off many of the Joy-Cons and console’s new features like HD Rumble, gyro controls and touch screen. And while that sounds fine on paper the game is so incredibly lite in content that going through everything it has to offer will take no more than 20-30 minutes. Now while that’s not terrible for a mini-game collection (considering these type of games are built-in replayability) Nintendo decided to price 1-2-Switch the same as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which I don’t know in what universe that makes sense in. You can find our 1-2-Switch review here.

9 – Flip Wars

Boring! Flip Wars was one of the most hyped of the early Switch games, appearing regularly in almost every Nintendo Direct and presentation and being billed as one of the console’s early multiplayer hits. What we got instead was a game who’ core gameplay, while interesting was let down by a serious lack of content (the game only has a few maps), a buggy online mode and dull presentation left this game, despite its Bomberman-like premise falling flat. And speaking of Bomberman…

8 – Super Bomberman R

Sometimes even the best of intentions turn out to be disappointments. Super Bomberman R is just that, a game that when announced got fans excited at the prospect of a new game in the long-dormant series, on a brand new console and complete with modern tropes like online gameplay. Well we got all of that, but in an overpriced package that barely functioned and so lacking in content it gave 1-2-Switch a run for its money in the ripoff of the year category.

7 – Sonic Forces

I. Hate. This. Game. Why? Because there was so much hope, so my hype, so much potential and it all went to nothing. Sonic Forces took all the good feelings we got from Mania and threw them in trash with its uneven story mode, boring level design, stupid story and absolutely broken physics engine. Sonic, listen to me buddy because I’m only going to say this one more time – no more 3D, stick to what you’re good at and stop whatever… this is. You can find our Sonic Forces review here.

6 – Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical

Now I realize the Switch is essentially a tablet and that might make it seem like the perfect home for ports of mobile games but… don’t. Just don’t cram the system full of games that are designed for a completely different set of gamers and mindset. Dark With Music Episode: Rudymical is a perfect example of why mobile games don’t belong on the Switch. Its short, repetitive, filled with paywalls (that are in different stages of being torn down) and gameplay that is fine for a five-minute session while waiting for the bus but has no place on a home console.

5 – The Deer God

A gorgeous art style and arresting soundtrack are great things for any game to have but if the gameplay is a frustrating mess? Then your game is beyond help. That’s exactly what does The Deer God in as the game, despite being quite the looker just leaves anyone who plays it praying to the gods for salvation. Featuring frustrating gameplay that never, ever gets better no matter how used you get to the game this is one Switch game you best avoid at all costs.

4 – Sky Ride

An action game where you ride a hover bike while shooting robots while navigating a large world while managing inventory and stats… woah that’s a lot. And that’s exactly where Sky Ride went wrong, by overburdening the player with too many options and choices while not properly explaining its mechanics or even having fully functional mechanics to start with left us with a game that not only feels unfinished but even if it was probably wouldn’t have been that good either.

3 – Troll and I

Troll and I is a pretty bad game. Everything about it is just plain awful, from its poor graphics, level design, soundtrack and broken gameplay there’s almost no redeeming qualities here that justify its existence. Now while I can definitely appreciate the desire to create something ambitious from the game’s creators the execution here is just lackluster and we’re left with a game that just exists to remind us that the Switch had some bad games in its lineup. You can find our Troll and I review right here.

2 – Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle

One this list we have boring, repetitive, unplayable and ugly games. Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle is all of those things. A game that has so few redeeming qualities its hard to even pick one thing to knock the game for. Honestly though, if you enjoy your games to have a ‘point’ to them, then avoid this one at all costs. For more reasons why you should play Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle you can check out our review right here.

1 – Vroom in the Night Sky

Pure trash.

I have no idea how this game was even approved to release on the Nintendo Switch, a console that Nintendo vowed to have tighter quality control measures than on the Wii U. But here we are with games like Vroom in the Night Sky, with its broken gameplay, terrible level design, graphics that the Nintendo 64 would laugh at and just all around awfulness. If this game is taking up space on your Switch then you are doing a disservice to the bits and bytes holding that information and your console should be purged of this game and the stain of its existence.

What games do you regret playing on the Switch? We want to know, so let us know by commenting down below.