A while ago we counted down the very best video game sequels of all time and so we decided to flip the table and look at the very worst sequels ever made. Now we’re not specifically looking at bad sequels to bad games, that would be boring, instead we’re looking at sequels that took what was present in a good game and completely wrecked it. These 10 games started out by building up our hype to extreme levels only to shatter our dreams and break out hearts once we got our hands on them and so we’re calling these out as the worst sequels ever made.

10 – Resident Evil 6

When you think of the Resident Evil series what are some of the things that come to mind? Zombies? Mansions? Terrible dialogue? Actual horror? Well for Resident Evil 6 Capcom decided to remove all of that except the terrible dialogue and what we’re left with was an action game stealing the Resident Evil name. The only redeeming factor here is that it forced Capcom to essentially reboot the series and make Resident Evil VII: Biohazard one of the best games the series had ever seen.

9 – Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

The original Kane & Lynch may not have been a stellar title but it was a halfway decent co-op shooter that set you up as the titular anti-heroes. So for the sequel we should have gotten more of the same with some improvements right? WRONG! Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a broken, ugly mess of a game that takes any good will the original had and absolutely destroys any hope of the series ever making a comeback, and there’s no worse sin for a sequel than to kill off a series.

8 – Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

This game personally offended me. I am a huge fan of the Command & Conquer series and Red Alert 2 was my absolute favorite game in the series as it perfectly balanced the series’ tactical approach with a more approachable set up that actually balanced the gameplay between all the factions. So how did EA improve on this idea? By FORCING co-op gameplay into every.single.map. Even in the single player campaign you were tied with an absolutely moronic AI that would either destroy the opponent before you could execute your strategy or hog your resources forcing you to change-up your plans. The best mode of the game was the 1-on-1 skirmish option which is really sad considering the series’ legacy.

7 – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Another sequel that killed its series and left us with unanswered questions is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, a game that somehow managed to be considerably worse than its predecessors while not actually changing all that much. And that’s it biggest problem here, Force Unleashed II was totally pointless sequel that only hurt the canon (back when Expanded Universe content was canon). So Starkiller visited Yoda? And Boba Fett’s around? Was this game’s story stolen from someone’s fan fiction?

6 – Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

The oldest game to make this list, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest is a perfect example of how experimentation can take a solid game concept and, when done poorly, and just turn it into a slog. And the day / night cycle in Castlevania II is exactly that, a concept (that while interesting) is executed so poorly that the game’s legacy is forever tarnished. Thankfully the sequel to this terrible sequel, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse was an excellent title that made us all forget the terrible night that was Simon’s Quest.

5 – Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Blech! What a terrible game. The follow-up to the pretty decent Medal of Honor (2010) did everything wrong: terrible visuals, bad gameplay, idiotic story and a just pointless existence are just some of the things wrong with this game. But what’s worse is that the game actually was cited as a risk to national security, as during its development actual military secrets were given to the game’s development team and incorporated into the main game. Ya… that’s probably not good.

4 – Mega Man X6

When you think of the Mega Man X series you likely think of well designed levels, fast-paced gameplay and a fair bit of challenge. Unless you have only played Mega Man X6, in which case the series will be known to you for its confusing level design, gameplay that is bogged down by never-ending dialogue and a laughable challenge. The Mega Man X series is a great series, maybe one of the best – just avoid this game.

3 – Devil May Cry 2

The third Capcom game on this list (but not the last), Devil May Cry 2 is a game that could very well have killed the series before it could really get going. And there’s really just one thing that’s really wrong with DMC 2, in that all of the original game’s difficulty was sucked out and replaced with a boring slog through unimaginative levels. Thankfully the series managed to shake off its sophomore slump and now stands as one of gaming’s most beloved.

2 – Dino Crisis 3

Capcom must be really bad at making sequels as 40% of this list features one of their games. The Dino Crisis series was always an arcade darling thanks to its solid gameplay and heart-thumping action and while all of that is present in Dino Crisis 3 the whole game is let down by one single element – its camera. Often called ‘the worst camera in gaming history’, Dino Crisis 3 is an unplayable mess that many fans have yet for forgive.

1 – Duke Nukem Forever

Looking back, there was probably no way this game was going to be any good. It was announced for release in 1998 and was stuck in development hell for almost 20 years before finally releasing in a rather protracted way and what we got was basically a giant turd. Lame gameplay, terrible visuals and frankly outdated humor made Duke Nukem Forever the butt of even more jokes and the worst sequel ever made.

What do you think of our list and what are the worst sequels you ever played? Let us know in the comment section below!